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+Cage+ An UlquiHime Fanfic!

Ho provato a scrivere una UlquiHime (eh si, ho la fissa per le coppie strane, allora?XD), ma dato che è nata con l'intenzione di essere postata su una community inglese (ulqui_hime ), di conseguenza... non è in italiano.^^''' La scriverò anche in italiano un giorno, ma per il momento resta in inglese. Detto questo, se notate un errore, non fatevi scrupoli a segnalarlo (anzi, mi sareste di grande aiuto!) e anche suggerimenti di stile sono i benvenuti^^

Title: +Cage+
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: UlquiHime
Warning: la quintessenza dell'angst?
Summary: dove due diversi punti di vista si fondono in un sentimento che non ha nome.
Language: English (or I think so^^''')

I love him.

His radiance, that melancholy lost in his eyes-

Ichigo Kurosaki.

A man.

But... HE.

That ‘thing’ with human form, that ‘man’ without a heart,

Has made me blind.

And now that the Light is gone, I can’t tell anymore what’s this emotion I’m feeling.

“Someone save me”


“Have you just said anything?”

Your low voice rises from the darkness-

“Nothing. I...”

“Well. Because you can’t escape from here, you know.”

Because this wish is hopeless.

Oh, my Heart is going to shatter into pieces.

“I know. I belong to Aizen-sama, now.”

Your eyes dwell into mine for a moment, before you lower them. Staring into space like that, what’s it supposed to mean? Isn’t it, what you want to hear?


“That’s right, woman.”


This darkness embraces me tightly, suffocating every sound.




Such a strong woman-

I can’t console you, I can’t even touch you.

If you’re a bird, I can stay beside you

But until you stay here, I can do nothing for you.

Like a Doll... the same as I am. Without a will, without a heart.


“It’s time for me to go.”

“Where do you- Wait!”

Your eyes, widened. Don’t you trust me, even a little? It don’t really matter, but-

“Your friends. I already told you they are enemies, even if you love them that much.”

“Don’t touch them!” Or this obscurity will become total “I came here to protect them, so...!”

“I can’t grant your wish.” I’m sorry.


I don’t really get you. Is ‘friends’ the same as ‘mates’? I’ve tons of mates, but why do I feel like I can’t understand? Never. Your emotion- all of them are in an unreachable place.

Then, what’s that I want from you? Maybe your heart? Or your soul? But where do you hide them?

I feel like I want to devour them. My Hollow nature want it all.

I glance at your face: again, it’s like you’re going to cry.

Don’t cry. You’re strong, aren’t you? So, don’t cry. Because I can’t console you, I can’t...


“Don’t underestimate them, woman.”


I whisper it while leaving.

You see, this is the reason I can’t stay with you: you affect me, you change me. This weakness is something I don’t know how to manage. This human thing, I can’t take it. There’s no way a Hollow can turn into a man, so don’t look at me as if I could become one. It’s pointless, don’t you see? A Vasto Lorde. I’m proud of it, but to you... I’ll always look like a monster, right?

A man that isn’t a man.

Instead, that Kurosaki: you love him, don’t you?

Well. This is the reason I’ve to fight against him: to find an answer, to find out how your face looked like when you were there, beside him. When you weren’t with me. Maybe I’ll understand why being trash is better than being a monster; the reason, while looking at me, you seem to forget that you have to escape from my golden cage.


“Stay here.”